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Sunday Creek Outfitters hunts many different private ranches in Montana. We strive to provide exciting and productive Montana Big Game hunts that are accessible to all types of hunters!

How to Plan Your Montana Hunt

Our Private Ranch spot and stalk hunts are conducted via 4 wheel drive vehicles and not horses. The moderate terrain we hunt makes our hunts extremely accessible so almost anybody can participate in an exhilarating and productive Montana Elk, Montana Mule Deer or Montana Antelope hunt!

How to Plan Your Montana Hunt

Montana Hunting Gear Checklist

Basic Gear You Will Need

Although some of the gear you need will be specific to your hunt dates and species, there are a few items that will be required for any hunter and a few optional items you may want to bring along for comfort.

  • Appropriate Hunting License - Call if you have any questions on what you need!
  • Good Optics - Either a pair of Binoculars or a Spotting Scope - Rangefinder models won't hurt!
  • Lightweight pack for miscellaneous gear
  • Camera
  • Hats - both baseball style and stocking cap
  • Wool or comparable synthetic socks - several pairs
  • Good pair of waterproof hiking boots

Archery Hunting Specifics

When Archery Hunting in Southeastern Montana you need to consider a few things depending on the species. We give you this list for two reasons - so you don't forget anything and maybe suggest something you might have not thought about.

  • All archery hunters must complete an Archery Safety Course or have a previous archery license from another state - contact us for more information if needed
  • Bow
  • Arrows & Heads
  • All necessary archery equipment for your rig
  • Lightweight Camouflage layers
  • Waterproof hiking boots
  • Rain gear
  • Neoprene kneepads for open country stalks on Antelope
  • Practice your shooting at 50 yards minimum
  • Practice shooting in a low position - kneeling or sitting

Rifle Hunting Specifics

Montana Rifle Hunting Season can present a variety of weather conditions from very warm days to snowy cold conditions so we recommend you come prepared for both situations. In addition to clothing, here is our basic checklist for a Southeastern Montana Rifle Hunt.

  • A big game caliber high powered rifle sighted in at 200 yards
  • Bipod - We have found the Harris Bipod to work the best for our hunting situations
    Either the 12” to 25” or the 13.5” to 27” is best suited for our type of hunting in Southeastern Montana
  • Ammo - preferably the same ammo you sighted in your rifle with
  • Heavyweight layers with a warm base layer - be ready for cold or warm conditions
  • Waterproof outer layers - it can possibly rain and/or snow
  • Insulated waterproof hiking/hunting boots
  • Blaze Orange vest - Montana law requires 400 sq. inches be worn above the waist during rifle season

Print Out a Checklist

For your convenience you can click here for a PDF file that you can print and check off.

Book a Montana Elk or Deer Hunt

Book a Montana Elk or Deer Hunt

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Important Montana License Info

Outfitter sponsored licenses are no longer available in Montana! Get your license early and call us to help you secure a license!

Draw date is March 15th for non-residents so get started today for your best chance!

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